Monday, September 24, 2012

WDW Jokes

"She started laughing and literally ended up 
dying of laughter."

"Her last words were, 'Banana who?'"

Predictably, there's a funny story that goes with this one.  I'll post it in the comments.

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  1. On the Jungle Cruise ride, our host, Skipper Deanna, did a great job of sharing cheesy info along our ride. As we got to the end there was a wait to get off the boat. So she started telling jokes. She ended with, "And here's one for all the mind-readers out there..." and then said nothing. So I jumped in with "Who's there? And then a couple seconds later, "Banana who?" Of course I laughed after the unspoken punch line as well. Deanna was laughing so hard that she was doubled over and crying as we exited the boat. One of her co-workers was tending to her to make sure she was okay last that we saw.

    We're hoping she did not die of laughter, but what a way to go...


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